With multiple Quarry locations serving the aggregate needs of Springfield and the surrounding communities, Conco remains the largest area supplier of concrete materials. Our Springfield, Buffalo, Fair Play, Fair Grove, Marshfield, Stockton, Galloway, and Willard sites allow us to distribute your loads from the location closest to your project, saving both time and transportation costs.

Quarry Locations

Buffalo Quarry – 22 Engle Road, Buffalo, MO 65622 – Phone: 417-345-8216

Fair Play Quarry – 530 E 460th Road, Fair Play, MO 65649 – Phone: 417-326-2275

Fair Grove Quarry – US 65 & Hwy AA, Fair Grove, MO 65648 – Phone: 417-759-9156

Galloway Quarry – 3825 South Lone Pine Ave, Springfield, MO 65804 – Phone: 417-887-4333

Marshfield Quarry – 745 Pack Road, Conway, MO 65632 – Phone: 417-473-6455

Stockton Quarry – Rt. 2 Box 196C, Stockton, MO 65785 – Phone: 417-276-4833

Willard Quarry – 902 S Quarry Rd, Willard, MO 65781 – Phone: 417-742-3521

Crushed Limestone

In addition to the standard grades and gauges listed below, we also have the capacity to deliver custom crushed stone and gravel mixtures. As the source and the seller, we are able to control both cost and quality to ensure optimal results for our customers.

  • Shot Rock
  • Rock Blanket – Type 1 & 2
  • 3/8” Stone
  • 5/8” Stone
  • 1” Stone
  • 1 .5” Stone
  • 1” X 2” Stone
  • 1” X 3” Stone
  • 2” X 4” Stone
  • 6” X 2” Stone
  • 1” Base – Clean or dirty
  • 1” State Base Type 1 & 5
  • 2” Commercial Base
  • 2” Base
  • 3” Base
  • 4” Base


Conco Quarries produces some of the highest quality ag-lime in the state of Missouri. With effective neutralizing material (ENM) rating around 650 and 80% passing through a 200 screen, our fine ag-lime goes to work much faster than granulated lime.

Proper use of ag-lime is one of the most important management inputs in successful crop production. Excess soil acidity is a primary constraint to high, profitable yields and long-term soil productivity. Ag-lime improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. It also improves symbiotic nitrogen fixation by legumes and influences the availability of plant nutrients. Ag-lime also reduces mineral element toxicities.

Residential Landscaping

For consumers and contractors who need aggregate material in quantities of less than 10 tons, our residential experts at American Landscape and Quarry Supply have you covered. We have a wide selection of high-quality crushed rock, gravel, boulders, decorative stone, mulch, topsoil, and sand, and offer delivery service in the Springfield metropolitan area.

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