About Conco Companies

In 1947, Springfield businessmen Ralph Reed and Tom Baird founded Concrete Company of Springfield to leverage the then-new Ready-Mix concreting process in support of the post-war growth boom. It began as a small company, with just four trucks and seven employees.

Since those humble beginnings, our company has grown at pace with the surrounding areas. Springfield – a city of less than 6,000 at the time – has increased population by almost 800 percent in the 70 years since. And as expected, Conco Companies has expanded right along with it. Today, members of the 3rd and 4th generations of the Baird family continue to manage operations that include four high-capacity Ready-mix permanent plants, an on-site mobile Ready-mix plant, three quarry sites, and a fleet of more than 80 delivery trucks.

Our growth has been marked by a series of strategic expansions to fill growing needs within the construction industry. Some highlights include:


The purchase of a rival company made us the primary ready-mix supplier in the region. The acquisition also included the first Conco Quarry, which supplied material for both our own ready-mix operations as well as contractor needs in the market.


Quarry operation expanded to include the current site in near downtown Springfield. The site sits on incredibly rich deposit of Burlington Limestone that currently has projected reserves of up to 100 years [NEED INCORPORATION DATES: Landscape, ACME, plus Republic, Christian County, Hollister facilities}


Acquisition of the Ash Grove Cement Company's Galloway quarry in Springfield has allowed us to meet the crushed stone needs of builders in the fast-growing southeast Springfield area.


Our Dura-Kast division was added to begin providing pre-formed concrete solutions to clients throughout the Ozarks and into parts of Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.


Acquisition of a quarry in Phenix, MO. has allowed Conco to expand our customer base to include commercial and residential buyers of fine marble.